<b>Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Device for Early Forest Fire Detection</b> 2016 was a record breaking year in terms of forest fire incidents in South East Asia. The fires were devastating as it caused a lot of damages. In fact, all over the world, 2016 has been an unusual year because it has extended the fire season everywhere, including South East Asia. Causes of fire ranged from natural disasters, the El Nino phenomenon, to man made fires like slash and burn farming and arson. There is a need to know what is really the most common causes of forest fires in South East Asia. This information would help in designing early, real time and fast detection and response to fires that would break up in forests and bushes so that early fire eradication can be done. The scalable characteristic of fires makes it essential that forest fires have to be detected early to stop it from expanding. The information is also important in order to develop a prototype of a system which will be based on the characteristics and vulnerability of forests in South East Asia. A thorough study of the causes of forest and bush fires and its mechanisms of occurrence and expansion will be done and will be the information needed to design and implement a prototype to detect fires early. The prototype will be utilizing a combination of remote sensing and unmanned aerial device i.e. drones that would immediately send information that would facilitate immediate action to eradicate the fire. Unmanned Aerial Device, early fire prevention, forest fire, drone, remote sensing, ZigBee 58-62 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Shaina Suresh | Mia Torres-Dela Cruz | Deepak T J