<b>Study of Road Maintenance Fund needs Approach with Link Based and Network Based</b> Dynamical systems approach can describe the process of roads pavement damage and road maintenance funding allocation scenarios. One of the important thing to predict road maintenance fund needs in the future is how to estimate the traffic that is going through in each link on the road net work. Currently the reare two ways to fore cast future traffic flow, first approaches by link based and the other is network based. Network based approach requires data free flow speed of each link as an input. In dynamic, free flow speed is affected by the valueo fIRI International Roughness Index . This paper aims to look at the differences total requirement of road maintenance funds need for each year in which the estimated future traffic flows by link based and network based. There are four scenarios allocation of maintenance funds in each year of analysis, ie 20 , 40 . 60 and 80 of the total require ment. From the analysis, it is known that the total funding need for road maintenance at the end of the estimated future traffic flows by way a network based smaller when compared with the link based. In addition, it is known that the road maintenance fund allocation by 80 of the needs, it turns out the total funding need maintenance at the end of the analysis is the smallest. Link Based, Network Based, Free Flow Speed. 44-57 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Tiopan H. M. Gultom | Tamrin | Fahrul Agus