<b>Desalination Approach of Seawater and Brackish Water by Coconut Shell Activated Carbon as a Natural Filter Method</b> Engineers are challenged to develop cost effective ways to produce large quantities of water suitable for drinking, crop irrigation and commercial use for regions of the world that suffer from water shortages. Water desalination is expensive, requiring large amounts of energy and specialized equipment to convert saltwater into drinking water. The present study aims to develop a cheaper, cleaner, easy and more energy efficient way of desalinating seawater technique by using natural filters, it can help the common people as it affordable during their immediate requirements. The developed technique seemed to be very effective in reducing the concentration of seawater ions. The desalination system is developed by selecting coconut shell charcoal as the substrate material. As per the results obtained from prototype of seawater and brackish water, there is 60 reduction in chloride and 75 reduction in sodium this is mainly due to the usage of activated carbon charcoal as the filter media. It is also observed through experiments that there is 100 reduction in iron,53 reduction in sulphate, 20 reduction in total dissolved solids and 12 reduction in hardness which clearly indicates that the selected filter medias those are activated carbon charcoal, sand, laterite would be used as the filter medias for future experiments on desalination using natural filters.This work is to present an overview of current and future technologies applied to the desalination of brackish as well as seawater to produce freshwater for supplementing drinking water supplies to the common people in smaller quantity. Removal efficiency increases with the increase in contact time respectively, for both seawater and brackish water, which was considered to be maximum purification ~40 . Desalination, Seawater Brackish water, Activated Carbon, Coconut Charcoal, Eco friendly. 129-135 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Jayaprakash M C | Poorvi Shetty | Raju Aedla | D V Reddy