<b>Identifying Motivational and Demotivational Factors in Qatar Construction Project Management Practices</b> Motivation is one of the factors that influence the productivity of people. Project Managers, Engineers and Laborers, play a vital role in the management of projects in a Qatar Construction Industry QCI . The success of these projects relies profoundly on their active participation and effective performance. Hence it is important to assess the impact of motivation and demotivation on the performance. The broad objective of this work is to assess the impact of motivation and demotivation in QCI. The specific objective of this paper is identifying the key factors that cause motivation and de motivation in QCI. Literature review, survey with expert opinion and semi structured interviews were conducted to identify these factors. Using these factors to conduct specific motivational programmes will help in improving the productivity of people on a project. Motivation, Demotivation, Project Managers, Engineers, Loborers, QCI, Productivity. 34-40 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Hamza. | Deepak T. J. | Maria. Josephine | W., Parameswaran. S | Venishri. P