<b>Determining Coefficient of Discharge and Coefficient of Roughness for Short Grass Bed and Concrete Bed</b> This study carried out to determine the coefficient of discharge and coefficient of roughness for short grass bed and concrete bed in an open channel at Hydraulics laboratory. The open channel on the hydraulic bench is intended to depict an actual open channel flow scenario therefore steady flow was used for this experiment. From the investigation, it was evident that coefficient of discharge for grass bed and concrete bed ranges between 0.00218 and 0.0539. The slope of the channel was found to have no effect on coefficient of discharge. Manning’s Roughness Coefficient “n” was found to increase with the decrease of discharge. Concrete bed has higher coefficient of discharge and lower coefficient of roughness when compared to short grass. Coefficient, Discharge, Roughness, Manning’s, Grass Bed, Concrete Bed. 23-33 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Choong Pei Kee | Deepak T J | Raman Bai