<b>Review of Green Building Index GBI in Malaysia</b> In recent years, global warming has been a major issue in every country all over the world which has yet to be resolved. World Development Indicator states, the amounts of carbon emission in Malaysia are increasing at an uncontrollable rate especially near the end of Year 2014 with a rate of 8 metric tons per capita. This rate lead to the implementation of greener approach towards industrial sector which includes the construction industry. Green Building Index GBI is the green rating tool recognized by the Malaysian construction industry to promote sustainability in the built environment. It is developed specifically for the Malaysian tropical climate by Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia PAM and Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia ACEM . Energy is becoming one of the most critical and important aspect to the nation, countries with high percentage of energy and resources is considered powerful as nowadays energy and resources of the country is key measurement for its power and development. The overall study indicated that there is an increase in sustainable construction in current Malaysian construction industry with respect to the GBI standards. This increase should be maintained to ensure all future buildings in Malaysia should follow the standards set by GBI. Malaysian Construction Industry, PAM, GBI, ACEM, Sustainability 18-22 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Kamil M. | Deepak T. J. | Shanti. M