<b>Study of FPGA Based Multi Channel Analyzer for Gamma Ray and X Ray Spectrometry</b> Study of FPGA Based Multi channel Analyzer MCA for Gamma ray and X ray Spectroscopy has been presented in this article. For the systems, FPGA has been chosen as the central pulse processor. And NaI Tl scintillation counter, BF3 or Silicon Drift Detector followed by Voltage Preamplifier VPA or Fast Amplifier, Shaping Amplifier of 150 ns and 450 ns and high resolution ADC 8 12 bit, 50 MHz . Special features for the systems are Pulse Pile up Detection and Rejection, Clipping Pulses and Base line Restoration BLR . The system performance varies from 332 KCPS to 400 KCPS. Energy spectrum in the presence of 137Cs, 60Co, 232Th and broadband X ray beam by different nuclear detectors has been also presented. Nuclear Detector, Nuclear Pulse Processing, FPGA Device, Pulse Height Analyzer, Multi channel Analyzer 61-65 Issue-3 Volume-3 M. N. Islam | H. Akhter