<b>Web Based Tool for Managing Paddy Irrigation Water User Group</b> In many countries, the Internet has become an element in people’s daily life, offering new possibilities for information access and sharing. In this new technological and information age, water is becoming a source of conflict between domestic, industrial and agricultural use. Web Based Tool is a platform allowing for a public participation in helping decision making processes during conflicting situations, especially in cases involving many stakeholders. A 3 – tier architecture framework was carefully studied and was implemented to create the Web based model. This model is an Internet Based Model that is created to benefit the users in the water management sectors in order to make timely decisions to develop the water user group’s inline with the tertiary canal. This system has been successfully developed to estimate the water productivity index and pH of soil on a micro scale based on the tertiary canal water user groups with the plot numbers alongside to allocate water without wastage. This system has the ability to provide access to those users with password who has the technical capabilities to connect to the Internet, hence bridging the digital divide between rural and urban communities. Internet, Web, Water Management, Water Productivity Index, PH, Decision Making. 12-17 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Deepak T. J. | Chong S. F. | Lim S. P.