<b>Experimental Analysis on Strength Properties of Glass Fiber Concrete</b> The current world is witnessing the construction of challenging and innovative civil engineering structures. It has been established that when fibers are added in certain percentage to the concrete improves the strength properties as well as crack resistance and ductility. Fibers impart energy absorption, toughness and impact resistance properties to fiber reinforced concrete material and these characteristics in turn improve the strength properties. In the present experimental investigation the alkali resistant glass fiber of diameter 14 micron, length 24mm, having an aspect ratio of 855 was employed in percentage varying from 0, 10 , 20 , 30 , 50 , 60 and 80 to study the effect on compressive, split tensile and flexural strength on M40 grade concrete. At early age strength, the concrete with more than 20 of glass fiber gain strength around 61 until 82 faster than normal concrete. This implies that glass fibers assist in increasing the Compressive strength of concrete. The higher the glass fiber, in the mix the compressive strength also increases. Glass fiber, fatigue, fracture, concrete, toughness, impact and workability 1-6 International Conference on Advanced Engineering and Information Technology Special Issue Deepak T. J. | Senyange E. K. | Iman. F. | Nazrul Azmi A. Z. | Chakravarthy N.