<b>Uptake and Bioaccumulation of Selected Heavy Metals in Selected Vegetables in Bokkos L.G.A, Plateau State</b> The concentrations of some heavy metals Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb, Cr and Zn were investigated in selected vegetables Carrots, Cabbage and Spinach and the soil on which the vegetables were grown. Sample digestion was carried out in aqua regia and the analytes were quantified using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, model 210 VGP AAS . The concentrations of these heavy metals in vegetables is as follows Cd ranges from 0.002 0 019 mg kg, Cu 0.082 0.457 mg kg , Cr 0.033 0.138 mg kg , Fe 1,215 9.837 mg kg , Mn 0.708 7.822 mg kg , Pb 0.015 0.088 mg kg and Zn 2.293 4.900mg kg . while in the soil samples, the various concentrations ranges from 0.005 0.045 mg kg for Cd, 0.277 1.287 mg kg for Cu, 0.018 0.620 mg kg for Cr, 19.334 25.132 mg kg for Fe, 1.196 17.118 mg kg for Mn, 0.089 0.471 mg kg for Pb and 1.090 5.275 mg kg for Zn. The bioaccumulation studies show that cabbage has the highest absorption followed by carrot while the least absorption was observed in spinach. All the metals studied had concentrations within the WHO FAO guidelines with the exception of Zn and Fe whose concentrations were slightly higher than the recommended values. vegetables, heavy metals, bioaccumulation, AAS, concentration 917-921 Issue-1 Volume-3 Gube-Ibrahim Mercy Ayinya | Ibrahim Ezekiel Gube | Gutap Satmac James