<b>Study on the Effect of Yoga on Resting Cardiovascular Parameters and Cardiovascular Autonomic Functions</b> Research studies have shown that yoga can modulate autonomic functions. Hence, the current study was designed to assess the effect of yoga on cardiac autonomic activity. 100 healthy volunteers M78 F22 from age group 17 26 years were included in the study. They practiced some yogic exercises including Asanas, Pranayam and relaxation techniques daily one hour for 3 months. Cardiovascular autonomic function tests parameters including Resting heart rate HR , Blood Pressure SBP, DBP , rate pressure product RPP and double product DoP , heart rate response to deep breathing E I ratio , valsalva maneuver VR and pressure response to cold pressor test CPT were studied before and after 3 months of yoga training. Result showed significant reduction in heart rate p 0.01 , SBP p .05 , RPP and DoP p .01 and E I ratio increased significantly while valsalva ratio VR did not change significantly after the yoga training P 0.05 . In cold pressor test CPT rise in SBP SBP and rise in DBP DBP was significantly decreased in response to cold water after 3 months of yoga training. These findings suggest that, Yoga training improved autonomic functions in healthy volunteers. Yoga, Autonomic functions, E I ratio, VR, CPT 817-821 Issue-1 Volume-3 Dr. Sonika Choudhary | Dr. Man Singh Choudhary | Er. Pukhraj Choudhary