<b>IoT Based Border Alert and Secured System for Fisherman</b> An embedded system which protects the fishermen by notifying the country border to them by using Global Positioning System GPS and Global system for mobile communication GSM . Using GPS, we can find the current latitude and longitude values and is sent to the microcontroller unit. Then the controller unit finds the current location by comparing the present latitude and longitudinal values with the predefined value. Then from the result of the comparison, this system aware the fishermen that they are about to reach the nautical border. Looking at this operation from an IoT Internet of Things lens, and taking account of the latest technology, it seems necessary and desirable to integrate the data sources to make sure that the perspective that decision makers need is based on a complete picture of the situation – not just whether the traveler or a vehicle is on the watch list. This paper looks at some of the issues and opportunities that appear to be worth considering. It is necessarily a cursory look presented in the hope that it will be of use as the thought process for such a project starts. These are strictly personal views of the authors who have no connection with any law enforcement agency If the boat enters the zone nearer to the restricted zone the alarm will turn on and the speed of the boat engine automatically gets controlled by the concern authority and once it touches the restricted zone and its pulled back to the non restricted area. Global Positioning System GPS , Global system for mobile communication GSM , nautical border 700-706 Issue-1 Volume-3 Uthayakumar Jothilingam | Liston Deva Glindis