<b>The Application of Solar Energy in Agricultural Systems</b> Given that one day fossil fuels will end, a need arises to find alternative fuels. Renewable energy is considered an alternative to fossil fuels and nowadays it attracts much attention. Among renewable energy sources, solar is the most important because it is available in all parts of the world. Also, this energy source is used in various industries including agriculture and it can be used in cultivating crops in the farthest corners of the world. In addition, this fuel does not cause pollution, like the other fossil fuels. Using the solar energy can be active in all agricultural areas. That will definitely help meet the increasing need for agricultural products with the increasing population. However, it is known that the agricultural land has a fixed area and, sometimes, agricultural products cannot be cultivated. That greenhouse is a method that is used nowadays and using the solar energy can help build solar greenhouses in areas far away from the city. Other applications of solar energy include irrigation, drying products, and ventilation niches. In this study, the researchers discuss some of the benefits of solar energy in agriculture. Fossil fuels, Solar Energy, Agriculture. 553-557 Issue-1 Volume-3 P. Boopathi