<b>A Comparative Study of South Gujarat Urban and Rural Secondary Schools Students’ Mental Health</b> Mental health of the learner is very important for efficient learning and proper development of personality. For adolescents, school is the most important setting outside the family. Students perceptions of the school environment are significantly associated with their wellbeing. Well developed adolescents who were empowered with appropriate life skills have better chances of becoming healthy, responsible, and productive adults. Students are also having many mental health problems, example, exam phobia, and adjustment problem with teacher, school family. The purpose of the study was to compare the Mental Health status among South Gujarat Urban and Rural Secondary School Students. Subjects selected for the present study were secondary school students of south Gujarat urban and rural area. A total of 2160 boys student were randomly selected below the age of 15 years. From the city schools 1077 boys and from rural schools 1083 boys were randomly selected. The Mental Health Scale prepared by Dr. D.J. Bhatt and Ms. Geeta R. Geeda was used as a tool for the present study. The scores arrived from 1077 Urban School students and 1083 Rural School students were compared by applying ‘t’ test. This study revealed significant difference in Mental Health Mean Scores between Urban and Rural area Secondary School Students of South Gujarat. This shows that the brought up of the student affects their mental health. The economic development may be one of the factor for the differences in mental health of urban and rural students. Schools have to play a vital role in improving mental health of students. A mentally healthy student can think positively and cherishes it in any situation. Also mentally healthy student can contribute in developing the society and nation. Mental Health, Urban, Rural, Secondary, School, Students. 295-298 Issue-1 Volume-3 Dr. Milan P. Patel | Dr. Ankur D. Chaudhari