<b>Euthanasia, Suicide and Physician Assisted Suicide An Impression</b> The most painful loss in a person’s existence would be the loss of his wholesome health. Each and every being in this world is living a competitive life in order for their survival and to defeat death. But, astonishingly, some people seek their own death and request other fellow beings for their end. These circumstances occur only when the person has gone through hard hitting mental, physical, and psychological problems. The ways that are used to end their lives are suicide, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide and similar ways. This paper speaks and explains about how these forms work and the requirements or guidelines for the functioning of the said forms. First, introductorily, the meaning and working of each form are described. Introducing with the euthanasia, its guidelines, related cases that the Court has witnessed, and the legal position of it as of now. Then, the author explains the meaning and working of physician assisted suicide. The drugs used and further elucidations are given. Finally, familiarizing about suicide, position of suicide in India, and the statistics regarding the rate of suicides reported and the cases related to it. Thus, the paper talks about the major three formulae that is used as a tool to end the pain suffering. euthanasia, suicide, physician assisted suicide, lethal drugs 57-64 Issue-1 Volume-3 Yazhini. R | Swaraj L. K