<b>Review on Computational Bioinformatics and Molecular Modelling Novel Tool for Drug Discovery</b> Advancement in science and technology has brought a remarkable change in the field of drug discovery. Earlier it was very difficult to predict the target for receptor but nowadays, it is easy and robust task to dock the target protein with ligand and binding affinity is calculated. Docking helps in the virtual screening of drug along with its hit identification. There are two approaches through which docking can be carried out, shape complementary and stimulation approach. There are many procedures involved in carrying out docking and all require different software’s and algorithms. Molecular docking serves as a good platform to screen a large number of ligands and is useful in Drug DNA studies. This review mainly focuses on the general idea of molecular docking and discusses its major applications, different types of interaction involved and types of docking. Molecular Modelling, Binding Affinities, Receptor, Ligand 51-56 Issue-1 Volume-3 Rishabh Jain