<b>Optimization of Solar Energy Production using PLC and SCADA</b> This paper focuses on the maximizing the solar energy produced by Solar cells through the development of such a Sun Tracking system that can be implemented using PLC and SCADA. The developed tracking system is innovative in relation to the usual sun tracking systems available in the market. In fact, the developed solution has many advantages in relation to similar existing devices, as this system can automatically work in order to optimize the energy production of photovoltaic cells as we know that in case of fixed Solar cells, the efficiency is very poor. This efficiency of power generation by Solar cells can be increased using this system, so that as the position of sun changes, the position of Solar cell is automatically adjusted by using stepper motors. An experimental prototype was built and field results have proven the good performance of the developed tracking system. Solar Cells, Photovoltaic cells, Tracking Systems, Intelligent sensors and Supervisory Control. 9-14 Issue-1 Volume-3 Abhishek Kumar Chambel | Er. Bharti Sood