<b>Quality of Work Life of Employees in I.E.C, Mandideep An Overview</b> The study focuses on overall Quality of Working Life of Employees in Insulators and Electricals Company, Mandideep. Quality of Working Life of employees in organization cover all dimensions related to workplace that not only include favourable dimensions such as job satisfaction, development of employees skills, performance, efficiency, pay scale, health, safety and physical work environment but also other issues such as occupational stress, burnout that are unfavourable for employees in any organization. The key elements of Quality of Working Life constructs are – Pay Scale, Health Care benefits, Retirement benefits, Job Security, Work Space, special Recognition and Rewards for achievements, availability of on campus child care, adequate input in management decision making, fair and equitable Performance Appraisal along with equitable distribution of resources that in turn would also lead to Profit and Wealth Maximization of any organization. 15-18 Issue-1 Volume-3 Dr. P. K. Jain | Shweta Maheshwari