<b>Comparative Study of Safety Awareness Techniques</b> Employee safety should hold enormous significance for each organization. First and foremost, each worker has the privilege to work in a safe and healthy environment. No employee or their families ought to need to endure as a result of avoidable danger in the work environment. This paper tells about, how importance safety awareness, the worker should know the work place and occupational related hazard, how to engage people safely, how people doing job safely without any hazard. 80 of accident caused by un safe act, eliminating this kind of accident we can improve safety awareness among workers. Some of the different methodology for improving safety awareness is the methodology include proper Education and Training, Conducting safety programs, Complimenting safe employees or safety reward, Employ safety incentive plan, Live demonstrations, Timely posting of safety information, awareness of the people from danger by means of establishing safety sings and Promoting Safety committee. These are the ways to alert the people from danger. If we are following this methodology 100 percentage of possible result expecting form worker as well as improving workplace safety also will be achieved. safety awareness, work place hazard, alert people form danger, methodology, un safe act. 1527-1532 Issue-6 Volume-2 Mohamed Ismail. S | Dr. Muthukumar. K | Janardhan. S