<b>Impact of Early Physiotherapy of Paraplegic Patients</b> The physiotherapy program primarily focused not only on the rehabilitation of the patients, but also to improve their quality of life. The treatment phase varied in cases with paraplegia and tetraplegia from 8 average days 62 to 12 weeks average days 73 , respectively. The physiotherapists followed some key steps to formulate the process of physiotherapy to achieve highest rate of success with minimized failures. A comprehensive and effective physiotherapy program is required for the complete rehabilitation of the patient which involves goal planning. The goals were articulated by the patient as per their requirement and were finalized by the multidisciplinary team including clinicians and physiotherapists. early physiotherapy, spinal cord injury, paraplegia 1407-1417 Issue-6 Volume-2 Dr. Laxmi Barve | Dr. Madhuri Paikera | Dr. Shubhra Dubey