<b>Effects of Organizational Culture on Employee Productivity in State Department of Livestock Nakuru County Kenya</b> Organizational culture is a system of shared beliefs and attitudes that develop within an organization and guides the behavior of its members. It consists of norms, values and rules of conduct in an organization as well as management styles, priorities, beliefs and interpersonal behaviors. All these have impact on organization’s productivity. Organizational culture exists in all organizations and affects the morals and motivation of organizational members. This study intended to analyze the effects of organizational culture on employee productivity in the department of livestock in Nakuru County and it was guided by the following specific objectives to establish the effect of management style on employee’s productivity in state department of livestock in Nakuru County, to assess the effect of motivation on employee productivity and to establish the effect of staff training on employee productivity. The study used descriptive research design. The target population was 124. The sample of the study was 62 respondents consisting of employees and management. Data was analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively by the help of SPSS program. Organizational culture, Employee’s productivity, motivation, staff training and management style 241-246 Issue-1 Volume-3 Dr. Charles Mulandi Zakayo