<b>Enhanceing the Properties of Soil by using Synthetic Polypropylene</b> Soil is the cheapest and easily available building material, but it is poor in mechanical properties such as bearing strength of soil. Research workers are continuously trying to improve the mechanical properties of soil, reinforced earth is a construction material having soil fill, toughen by addition of rods, bars, fibers, or nets that make a bond with the soil by mode of frictional resistance and act as a clear mass. It is used in many applications retaining structures, embankments etc. On comparing soil properties by adding different percentage of fibres by soil’s dry weight by performing direct shear test and standard procter test different properties are carried out. As we add polypropylene fiber in the soil maximum dry density decreases and there is the increase in optimum moisture content direct shear test that performed on soil shows the decrement in the value of internal friction and increase in the value of cohesion. Increase in Unconfined compression strength Direct shear test, standard Procter test, polypropylene fibre, Unconfined compression test 1352-1355 Issue-6 Volume-2 Amjed Ali Khan | Er Anu