<b>Brief Review of Liquid Crystals</b> Liquid crystal LC is the substances that flow like liquids but maintain some of the ordered structure characteristics of liquid crystals. Examined and summarized the types of liquid crystals. Analyzed the structural characteristic of smectic, nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals. It is noted that cholesteric liquid crystals are helically twisted structure and the pitch of the helix which is temperature dependent and individual chemical properties of liquid crystalline compounds of cholesterol. Results on the influence of temperature on rheological properties of cholesteric liquid crystal are presents. This chapter describes briefly about classification of liquid crystals their structure and properties. the main aim of this review article is to scientifically highlight pharmaceutical liquid crystals, its importance in current development of targeted drug delivery system. Objects of this review is also to provide in depth information of pharmaceutical liquid crystal technology which include advanced technology development. Pharmaceutical liquid crystals, history, Liquid crystal displays, pharma and non pharma applications, structures, Drug delivery utilizing LCs. 956-961 Issue-6 Volume-2 V. Viswanatha | C. Rajaramb | S. R. Fathimac | D. Bhanu priyad