<b>Stress Corrosion Studies of Titanium Dioxide Particulate Reinforced ZA 27 Metal Matrix Composites</b> The stress corrosion resistance of ZA 27 TiO2 metal matrix composites MMC’s in high temperature acidic media has been evaluated using an autoclave. The liquid melt metallurgy technique using vortex method was used to fabricate MMC’s. TiO2 particulates of 50 80 µm in size are added to the matrix. ZA 27 containing 2, 4, 6 weight percentage of TiO2 are prepared. Stress corrosion tests were conducted by weight loss method for different exposure time, normality and temperature of the acidic medium. The corrosion rates of composites were lower to that of matrix ZA 27 alloy under all conditions. Autoclave MMC’s, Stress corrosion, Vortex. 1007-1011 Issue-6 Volume-2 K. Vinutha | P. V. Krupakara | H. R. Radha