<b>A Study on Digitalization in Education Sector</b> Digitalization could be termed as one of the innovation in the sector of education as it highlights the various activities that lead to the modernization of business model or regarding education sector. The term digitalization refers to the conversion of paper mode or typewritten information text into the digital form, means encoding it into Zeroes and Ones so that Computer can store, process, and transmit such information. In the process of digitalization computer is a device which convert encoded information into readable form so that one can make conclusion from the same. The application of digitalization in the education sector leads to learning environment in the 21st century. It shows all about the replacement of ‘old school system’ with ‘new school system’ that boosted digital education. Digitization does not mean just bringing a “Smart School” but to have the development of an efficient learning oriented lectures to be given in the technical manner so as to match with the present scenario. Education, Digital Education, Digitalized Education and Economy, e learning. 43-44 International Conference on Digital Economy and its Impact on Business and Industry Special Issue Dr. S. J. Jadhav | Mr. Shyamsingh V. Raghuwanshi