<b>Use of Digitization in Agriculture Sector</b> The Indian Agriculture sector provides employment to about 65 of labour force, accounts for 27 for GDP, contributes 21 for total exports and raw materials to servile industries. Researcher show that 68 of the entire population of Indian is covered by the rural area 58 people depends on agriculture as the main source of livelihood. the fast growing population demands 50 of the increase the production of the food to feed all . at the same time, the traditional in efficient practice, water scarcity for the irrigation, less productive lands, double cropping, lack ok crop rotation, and lack of time for soil recreation are putting a pressure on fertility and yields followed by the exploitation of the middle man preventing the farmers from getting the best price of their product. Under such circumstance the concept of the digitalization of agriculture sector becomes more vital. There is necessity of empowering the rural community by creating digital infrastructure, providing the various digital services, and promoting the digital literacy. Digitalization in agriculture can be defined as ICT and data eco system to support the development and delivery of timely, targeted information and services make forming profitable and sustainable. The district vision of our Prime Minister assures regarding several infinitives take to provide “Protective shield” the formar to increase the production, improve the storage and connectivity with the consumer for better supply and profit. Digital infrastructure, rural empowerment, agriculture, ICT, Smart analysis, data ecosystem, protective shield. 29-32 International Conference on Digital Economy and its Impact on Business and Industry Special Issue Shivaprasad B Shiragannavar