<b>The Trend of Digitalization in Marketing and its Impact on the Customers</b> The firms and the Marketers are faced with new opportunities and challenges within this digitalized age. The vital objective of digital marketing is to attract customers and allowing them to interact with the company’s brand through electronic digital media. This article focuses on the importance of digital marketing for both the consumers and marketers. We have examined the effects of digital marketing on the consumer’s buying decision making and Its impact on firms’ sales. Adding up to this, distinguish between traditional marketing and digital marketing are presented in this paper. This study has described various forms of digital marketing, its effectiveness and the impact it has on the firm’s sales. The examined sample consists of reports and analysis based on the online survey conducted by us to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of digital marketing. Collected data has been analyzed with the help of different statistical techniques and tools. The results have also stated that the consumers have a positive view towards digital communication while checking out a product, they get affected from other customer’s comments and reviews and they do express their post purchase experiences over the digital electronic platforms. ‘Website’ is the most used digital medium of communication while purchasing a product or service followed by ‘smart phones’ and ‘social networking sites’. Each stage of consumer’s buying decision making procedure starting from ‘need identification’ to ‘post purchase’ experience sharing is significantly affected by digital marketing communication media with the ‘evaluation’ being the most important stage. However, this study has also established that although the customers encourage the usage of digital mediums throughout their buying decision making journey, still they do not order many products online very often. Digital Marketing, objectives, research results, Promotion, Effectiveness, mass Customer Reach, Impact, comparative quantifiable data, statistical data, problems and solutions. 13-22 International Conference on Digital Economy and its Impact on Business and Industry Special Issue Dr. Anand Patil