<b>Skill Development for MSMES Advancement</b> The present paper is an attempt to understand the significance of skill advancement for MSMEs. The purpose of the paper to visualize and conceptualize the learning profile of lab our strength, segment wise presentation of skill advancement and list of key skills in require in various MSME. The data is composed from secondary sources and the paper will give a chance for new measurement in the area of MSME investigation. Adequate skilled human resources are one of the key factors for the advancement of any segment. In case of Indian MSME segment, the skilled resources are not up to the mark and this has clearly affected the development of the segment in a adequate manner. The skill deficiency’s are clearly an issue and it desires particular attention. The segment which has so much of possible in terms of employment creation but it has not able to execute in this regard as deficiency of skill manpower is a main issue. It is often said that India has the demographic dividend and dissimilar other developed nation where dependence ratio is considerably Towering, in case of India it is low. This major benefit must be altered into a skilled manpower so that the industry requires can be made. Today the difficulty is not related to deficiency of employment opportunities, it is essentially related to the problem of employability. MSME, Skill advancement, labour and manpower. 1-5 International Conference on Digital Economy and its Impact on Business and Industry Special Issue Dr. Prakash Ratanlal Rodiya