<b>Ayurvedic Management of Lagophthalmos – A Case Report</b> Lagophthalmos condition is characterised by inability to voluntarily close the eyelids1. The lesion could be direct trauma to orbicular is, Bell’s palsy or infranuclear seventh nerve palsy2.When condition is untreated it may lead to conjuctival and corneal xerosis and exposure keratitis. The treatment is that of exposure keratopathy, the frequent use of tear substitutes and surgical tarsorrhapy is the only line of treatment in modern science3. Ayurveda has given different line of treatment the present article is a case report of a male patient aged 29 years whovisited eye OPD with complaints of inability to close the right eye since one anda half month associated with itching, watering and burning sensation of eyes. The case was managed effectively withamapachana morbid factor digestion , seka sudation , netra abhyanga local massage of eyes followed by shastikashalipindasweda sudation to both eyes and Sadhyovirechana medicated purgation , Mukha Abhyanga facial massage followed by nasya instillation of nasal drops orally managed with Astavarga kashaya, Bruhat vata chinthamani rasa and Medhya vati. This study aimed at ayurvedic management of lagophthalmos. Lagophthalmos is vataja condition and the treatment principles mainly focused on mitigation vitiated vata to improve the functioning of eye lid. Lagophthalmos, Vatahata Vartma, Seka and Nasya 761-764 Issue-6 Volume-2 Dr. Chandana P | Dr. Gururaj Anil Bhat | Dr. Ashwini M J