<b>Opinions and Suggestions of Farmers in Adoption of Intercrop in Sugarcane from Kolhapur District</b> The extension research was conducted in college development block of Agriculture College, Kolhapur in the year 2016. From this study, it was Indicated that with respect to intercropping in sugarcane, respondents were preferred the vegetable crop as intercrop 60.00 per cent . Majority of the respondents mentioned there was no any harmful effect of intercrop on main crop followed by intercrops helps in maintains soil fertility. It is observed that most of the respondents were remarked constraints of increase in earthing up period 98.00 per cent and first earthing up and intercultural operations are not possible 94.00 per cent . Opinion, Suggestion, intercrop, adoption and Sugarcane 910-915 Issue-6 Volume-2 Bhingardeve S. D. | B. T. Kolgane | D. P. Deshmukh