<b>Solid State Mixture Identification of Crystal Indomethacin by Spectroscopy Comparison with Thermal Analysis</b> This research investigates Raman spectroscopy as a quick and reliable method to quantify the alpha a and gamma polymorphic forms of indomethacin compared to differential scanning calorimetry DSC . Binary mixtures with different ratios of a and indomethacin were prepared and analyzed by Raman and DSC. The Raman method was found to be more reliable and superior compared to DSC. The partial conversion of the alpha to gamma polymorphic form during the DSC measurement was the major limitation for the use of full DSC as a quantitative method and resulted in difference between the calculated and measured enthalpy of both polymorphic forms. alpha, gamma, raman spectroscopy, differential scanning calorimetry DSC . 626-630 Issue-6 Volume-2 T. B. Sundaresan