<b>Ayurvedic Management and Rehabilitation Therapy for Vardhakyajanya Badhirya</b> Karna is one among the important panchgyanendriya which perceives shabdha. These gyanendriya are acts like bridge for communication in social life. Badirya is a disease affecting Karna. Impairment in hearing mechanism is termed as badhirya when it affects elder age group it is called as Vardhakyajanya Badhirya. It is most common socio medical disability. In modern it correlates to Presbyacusis –it is condition where there is progressive sensory hearing loss in bilateral and unilateral ear as the age progresses, which is associated with poor speech discrimination. It hampers the quality of life in elderly individual and leads to psychological disorders, depression, social isolation and loss of self esteem. Karna poorana is the main treatment modality which is explained in classics for karna rogas. Use of Balya Nervine tonic dravya in the form of sneha will alleviates the doshas and Rasayana chikitsa in older age group helps in prevention of rasadi dhatu kshaya. Allied science contributed aural rehabilitation Hearing aids, Speech therapy etc which is not suitable for all and even some cannot offer those because of financial issues. Presbycusis is most common old age problem in developing countries after Arthritis and HTN. There is need of prevention, rehabilitation and Ayurveda chikitsa to overcome disability. Vardhakyajanya Bhadhirya, Presbyacusis, Rehabilitation, Karnapoorana 603-606 Issue-6 Volume-2 Dr. Ashwini Kumbar | Dr. Suraj Kumbar | Dr. A. M. Madni