<b>Oral Cavity Considerations for the Patient with Renal Disease</b> Chronic renal disease CRD is the renal disease that manifests oral consequences most frequently, and it is defined as a progressive and irreversible decline in renal function associated with a reduced glomerular filtration rate GFR . The most frequent causes of CRD are diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and glomerulonephritis. CRD is classified in 5 stages – from kidney damage with normal or increased GFR to renal failure. The importance of CRD for the dental practitioner lies in the fact that an increasing number of patients with this disease will probably demand dental treatment and that up to 90 of them will show oral signs and symptoms related to this systemic disease. Dental management must be adapted to these patients’ special conditions, as a greater bleeding tendency, hypertension, anaemia, drug intolerance, increased susceptibility to infections and the presence of several oral manifestations associated with either the disease or its treatment. Good dental health isn’t just about preventing cavities and keeping your gums healthy. Both tooth decay and gum disease can lead to infections that can cause problems for people with kidney disease Kidney Dialysis Dental Sign Symptoms Conclusion Renal Failure 522-525 Issue-6 Volume-2 Dr. Amit Kumar Verma