<b>Securing Cloud Data with the Application of Image Processing</b> Cloud computing is a new paradigm of shifting resources over the network so that the user can access the resources over the network. The resource mainly consists of Platform as a service, Software as service, and infrastructure as a service. Cloud computing is a basically internet based computing where the services are provided on pay as you go model. The consumers pay for the services they want and services are provided to them on cloud. Since cloud uses distributed resourcing scheme it is important to provide security in the cloud. And we also know that security is the main problem in cloud. It is mainly the loop hole in cloud which requires serious attention. In this paper we have described the scheme to implement security in cloud using finger print reader and GSM module. In this paper first we have discussed the security issues and security problem and we have enlighten the steps to increase the security in cloud. Our methodology mainly focuses on finger print scanner and GSM module. Cloud Computing, Utility computing, Risk, Finger print scanner, GSM module 297-301 Issue-6 Volume-2 Bilal Hussain Ch | Subayyal