<b>An Attendance Monitoring System Using Biometric Technology and GSM Module</b> Biometric technology that involves the identification and verification of the individuals by analyzing finger print is now being used in the various and wide aspects of our life. Biometric system includes various identification and verification methods in which the finger print detection is one of the most widely used and accepted method. In this paper we are proposing and developing a system which includes finger print detection and GSM module for the attendance and for the report generation of the students. We have developed various algorithms that convert the image of the finger in to the binary form and store it in the database. We are extracting features of the finger print and we are identifying finger print on the basis of these extracted features. We have developed a whole system in which first the student is registered and then authenticated and the attendance is counted and at the end the report is generated and that report will be send to the parents of the students. Finger print, GSM module, Biometric technology. 292-296 Issue-6 Volume-2 Bilal Hussain Ch | Subayyal