<b>A Review of Netra Sharira</b> Netra is one of the jnanendriyas with high importance. Without eyes, the whole world will be dark and life will be meaningless. It is dominant of tejo mahabhuta. If Tejo mahabhuta does not enter in to dristi during garbhawa kala, than the child born will be having janmandhya. Nayana, Chakshu, Lochana, Drik, Darsanendriya are some of the synonyms of netra. There 5mandala, 5patala, 6sandhis, peshi, marma, sira in eyes. Different Acharyas have their own view in the utpatti of Netra during garbhawastha kala. Different parts of netra signify the panchabhautika composition. Netra, Teja, Janmandhya, Panchabhautikata 112-117 Issue-6 Volume-2 Majagaiyan Pratikshya | Giri Jeevan Kumar | H N Abhijith