<b>Study of Hepatoprotective Activity of Saussurea Lappa Root Extract</b> The plant under evaluation was Saussure a lappa, a plant of Asteraceae, one of the best known species within this genus, was commonly known as costus in English. Based on the literature survey, it was reported that various pharmacological activities were reported on Saussure a lappa. After authentification, the collected plant root material it was reduced into small pieces. The plant material was extracted by using ethanol by the cold maceration method. The study concluded that the root extract have potential bioactive substances that may be used to formulate new drugs. The Flavo Glycosides content in Ethonolic extract of Saussure a lappa root extract for Hepatoprotective activity was evaluated. The results were compared with the standard using statistical method. However further investigation was required for structural elucidation and pharmacological properties. Saussure a lappa, Asteraceae, Ethonolic, Glycosides, Hepatoprotective 55-60 Issue-6 Volume-2 Juluri Krishna Dutta Tejaswi | Dr. R. Govinda Rajan | P. Sara