<b>Design and Simulation of Low Noise Amplifier at 15 GHz Using Advanced Design System ADS </b> the first stage of each microwave receiver there is low noise amplifier LNA circuit, and this state has important rule in quality factor of the receiver. In this study, design and simulation of 15 GHz low noise amplifier LNA have been explored. This simulation has been performed by using the Agilent Advanced Design System ADS software. It also describes the design and simulation of a high frequency low noise amplifier, with high gain and low noise using MESFET for frequency 15GHz .A single stage LNA has successfully designed with 14.5 dB forward gain and 0.003dB noise figure in frequency of 15GHz.The NE76000 transistor was chosen for the design of the LNA due to its low noise figure, stability, and good gain at high frequency, good input and output impedance matching. Also the designed LNA should be working stably in frequency of 15GHz. Low Noise Amplifier LNA , Microwave Receiver, Impedance Matching, Noise Figure, Advanced design System, Stability, High Frequency 21-24 Issue-6 Volume-2 Htun Myint