<b>Preparation and Standardization of Coconut, Dry Dates and Jaggery Ladoo and its Storage Study</b> The calcium and iron is common problem in children’s lack of nutrients is one of the factors. Coconut dry dates and Jaggery was used for the development of ready to eat Indian traditional sweet meal commonly known as ladoo with rich source of calcium, iron, and dietary fibers. In the present study was formulated to develop mineral added nutrient ladoo with the incorporation of dates and Jaggery in different proportion of coconut, jaggery, dates and other nuts. According to 9 points hedonic scale was observed that 32 30 28 10 ratios found best combination. The changes in the quality of coconut dry dates and Jaggery ladoo packed in polypropylene PP, 75µ and during storage to establish the shelf life under ambient temperature conditions 20 30 0C . Nutrient analysis protein 8 g , fat 14 g , carbohydrate 46 g , crude fiber 2gm , calcium 2gm , moisture 6.66gm and ash 2gm were carried and showed better quality of ladoo. During storage it was observed that the product stored up to 2 months after 2 months the moisture and fat in the product was reduced hence dates and Jaggery supplemented ladoo suitable for children’s. Coconuts, Dates, Jaggery, Calcium, Ladoo, Iron and Polypropylene. 2462-2466 Issue-5 Volume-2 Dr. Anil Bukya | S. B. Khedkar | B. K. Dongare