<b>A Review on GST Execution and It s Effects</b> In today’s scenario we pay various taxes i.e. Direct and Indirect taxes, which are felt as burden on us and due to these taxes the corruption is increasing. So, to overcome from all these taxation system the Central Government has decided to make one tax system i.e. Goods and Services Tax GST . GST is one of the most critical tax reforms in India which has been long awaiting decision. It is a comprehensive tax system that will subsume all indirect taxes of State and central Governments and whole economy into seamless nation in national market. It is expected to remove the burden of existing indirect tax system and play an important role in growth of India. GST includes all Indirect Taxes which will help in growth of economy and proves to be more beneficial than the existing tax system. GST will also help to accelerate the overall Gross Domestic Product GDP of the country. GST is now accepted all over the world and countries are using it for sales tax system. This paper will help to show that, what will be the impact of GST after its implementation, difference between present Indirect Taxes and GST and what will be the benefits and challenges of GST after implementation. Central, State, Dual, GST, Indirect Tax, Direct Tax, GDP, Implementation. 2117-2125 Issue-5 Volume-2 Amit Ilager