<b>A Noval Design for Petrol and Diesel Filling and Billing System</b> Presently the fuel stations are manually operated. In this paper we are going to present a noval design for petrol and diesel filling system which can be automatically deduct the amount of petrol distributed from customer voucher card. In this proposed design all vehicle drivers would have a voucher card with a specific customer ID, which can be purchased by some recharge points. The customer requiring petrol diesel enter customer id and after verification enters required quantity. The electrical pump is turned on if nozzle is inside the petrol tank and after filling tank it automatically turned off. This system has nozzle sensor to detect the nozzle inside tank and the system keeps electrical pump OFF in any case nozzle is out of tank. The proposed system will also have fuel sensor to make electrical pump off, if tank is full and entered petrol quantity is more than tank capacity. Customer ID, petrol dispensing system, automotive petrol control, Nozzle sensor, fuel sensor. 2244-2247 Issue-5 Volume-2 Manisha Mundre | Neha Maheshwari