<b>Influence of Logical Mathematical Intelligence Intervention to Foster Active Learning Among the Elementary School Children</b> Multiple Intelligences theory put forth by Howard Gardner 1983 is an innate faculty present in every individual in a unique combination. It is just not one form of intellect but eight different abilities, i.e., linguistic, logical, musical, kinesthetic, spatial, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalistic. The purpose of the present study was to find out the Influence of logical intelligence to foster active learning among the elementary school children. A self structured Multiple Intelligences Inventory with 0.729 Cronbach’s alpha and 0.638 split half correlation and Active Learning scale with 0.896 Cronbach’s alpha and 0.85 split half correlation was administered to the respondents. The sample consists of 100 respondents of both gender studying in sixth standard, with 50 children for experimental group of Ramanashree Udaya Education Society and 50 for control group of Seshadripuram School. The students were initially assessed using Multiple Intelligences Inventory and grouped based on their intelligences. A group which was dominant with logical mathematical intelligence was considered for the study. Social Science curriculum which the subject teacher expressed as a perceived difficult subject among the students was identified for intervention program. Hence the educational modules were developed in accordance with logical mathematical intelligence for social science curriculum. The results of the investigation revealed a significant difference between the pre test and post test scores of active learning, indicating that logical mathematical intelligence intervention had an influence on active learning among the children of experimental group. Whereas among the control group respondents the differences between the pre and post test scores was found to be non significant. Hence identifying the dominant intelligence in the children and helping them to recognize their own potentials while imparting curriculum as well encouraging them to learn accordingly is very crucial. Multiple Intelligences, Logical Mathematical, Dominant, Active Learning 900-905 Issue-1 Volume-3 Ms. Amitha V | Dr. A. H. M. Vijayalaxmi