<b>Mixed Nodular Liver Cirrhosis A Case Report</b> Cirrhosis of the liver is a diffuse disease, involves entire liver. The prevalence of Cirrhosis increasing globally. Every year approximately 10 lack patients are newly diagnosed in India. The common causes are Chronic Hepatitis C and Alcohol related liver disease. Patients with compensated cirrhosis may present with non specific symptoms or may be asymptomatic. It is associated with the several complications, which have serious effect on health and prognosis of the disease. The end stage of cirrhosis is irreversible and liver transplantation is the only definitive management. This is a case of liver cirrhosis observed in a 70 years old male cadaver during routine dissection in the department of Anatomy. It highlights about a mixed nodular cirrhosis of liver. The Knowledge of liver cirrhosis is important for General physicians, Radiologist and Surgeons. Liver, Cirrhosis, Mixed nodular cirrhosis, Alcoholic liver disease 1825-1829 Issue-5 Volume-2 Dr. Jyoti Umarji | Dr. Shobha G | Dr. Vislavath Srikanth