<b>System Model for Processing on Multi Format of Dataset</b> The problem associated with Big Data is having following feature are called 3V features volume large amount of data, velocity data processing rate and variety collection of structured data, semi structured data, and unstructured data, the three V’s of data that has arrived in unprecedented ways. In the Present years there are many sources of data form, where we obtain variety of data of same domain for processing, when that data become huge to handle we require efficient system to handle that data and to process that data for query prediction or result prediction. The 3V highlights represent a stupendous test to conventional information processing systems since these frameworks either can t scale to the tremendous data volume in a survey way or neglect to deal with information with assortment of types. This undertaking presents another framework called system model for big data processing on multi variety of dataset to handle the Big Data’s information assorted variety of challenges. The significant commitment of this work is an engineering plan that empowers clients to process multi structured datasets in a solitary framework. 1908-1913 Issue-5 Volume-2 Archana H M | Tejaswini Busnur | Dr. Poornima B