<b>Process Improvement Using Statistical Process Control in a Small Scale Industry</b> Different methods are used in an organization to improve productivity, one such method is Statistical process Control SPC .Statistical process control is a collection of tools, that when used together can result in process stability and variance reduction, thereby leading to a more streamlined production process. This paper presents a case study of SPC to improve the performance of current process by reducing the variability in the dimension of parts produced, there by diminish rejections and improving the process. By carrying out mathematical calculations and using various SPC tools, process capability study was done under existing conditions, some improvements were done in the existing welding fixture used for producing the part to improve their capabilitiy indices. In this study after the application of SPC tools and integrating the suggested changes in existing process, great improvements were seen, as such the capability indices which were 0.1.1and0.38 respectively for the existing process, increased to 1.91and1.50 respectively for the improved process, thereby representing good process performance with higher strength. Statistical Process Control, Control Charts, Process Variation, process capability indices, rejection rate. 1885-1892 Issue-5 Volume-2 Bhushan S. Jogi | Lekrajsing R. Gour | Nikhil Turkar