<b>Solitary Simple Renal Cyst A Case Report</b> Solitary simple renal cyst is a cystic disease of kidney, incidentally found during routine abdominal imaging, dissection and autopsy without clinical significance. The prevalence of solitary renal cyst is increasing progressively with age, especially in the elderly population. These are asymptomatic but clinical features may result from rupture, haemorrhage or due to infection. Approximately 6 of solitary cysts are complicated by haemorrhage. Early diagnosis and careful follow up prevents complications. Cystic diseases of kidney are common, since many of these have effect on renal function, careful documentation is necessary. We describe cases of solitary renal cysts observed in a 70year old female and 55year male cadavers during routine dissection in the department of Anatomy. Solitary, Simple renal cyst, Complications, Diagnosis 1606-1610 Issue-5 Volume-2 Vislavath Srikanth | Anju Thomas | Jyoti Umarji