<b>HPLC Principle and Maintenance with Application</b> High performance liquid chromatography HPLC is a significant qualitative and quantitative technique, usually used for the estimation of pharmaceutical and biological samples. The chromatography term is derived from the Greek words namely chroma colour and graphein to write . The chromatography is very accepted technique and it is mostly used analytically. It is the most resourceful, safest, reliable and fastest chromatographic technique for the quality control of drug components. This technique involves 2 phases’ stationary and mobile phases. There are different types of chromatographic techniques. The separation of constituents is based on the variation between the partition coefficients of the two phases. This article is primed with an aim to review different aspects of HPLC, such as principle, types, instrumentation and application with maintenance. HPLC Instrumentation maintenance application chromatography. 1618-1626 Issue-5 Volume-2 Yogesh Kumar | Sayed Md Mumtaz | Mustaq Ahmad