<b>Karma A Concept or A Precept</b> Really Lord’s creation is amazing. Isn’t it The creations includes both Jivas and Ajivas . Jivas are those living beings which have Pr a inherently present in them. Ajivas are those beings which have no Pr a. Jivas are classified as animals, insects, bees, birds etc. But out of them Humans is the most auspicious creation of God. All others Jivas are backed by instincts except humans. For example sometimes we see in road, sheep are gathered in one place, but if one of them goes one side, all other sheep shall follow them. They have no thinking capacity. But Man is guided by reason. He ought the thinking capacity to what to do or what ought not to do. Because he give emphasised on reason to do specific action. So, action has the meaning only in respect of human. Action is required to develop one’s social, economical, psychological, political, logical needs. Action is needed in every field of life to live and maintain perfect harmony with yourself as well as others. Here, attempts have been made to discover the three issues of this paper first, the relation of karma with past, present and future. Secondly. the meaning of karma in human life. thirdly, the justification of action in society. However this paper tries to unveil the necessity of action in relation to man and society. kart , Vidh na, daiva, pauru a, m nu a, distambaliyah 1569-1573 Issue-5 Volume-2 Rojalin Swain