<b>An Impact of GST on Textile Industry in India</b> this paper is an investigation of what the effect of GST Goods and Services Tax will be on textile area. GST isn t just an expense change yet a business change as it will affect all elements of an association, for example, fund, item evaluating, store network, data innovation, contracts, ads and so forth. Therefore, it is basic that all these utilitarian groups ought to know about the GST. Be that as it may, the basic inquiry is what should these colleagues perused allude for GST There are blended reaction, inexplicit contentions and assessments among the Manufactures, dealers and society about the Goods and Services Tax GST to be actualized by Government of India. GST is a extensive, circuitous, multi arrange, goal based expense that will be imposed on each esteem expansion. The products and ventures assess GST is gone for making a solitary bound together market that will straightforwardly influences all areas and segments of our economy. This is the greatest change proposed in the assessment administration of our nation after freedom. It is something that every one of us must comprehend as it will influence our lives in an extremely noteworthy way. France was the primary nation to present GST in 1954. Around the world, Very nearly 150 nations have presented GST in either frame since now. India has picked the Canadian model of double GST. Presentation of GST could considerably affect material industry. It is one of key area in Indian economy with an immediate linkage to the general development of Indian also, worldwide economy. Material assumes a noteworthy part in the Indian economy India’s textile market estimate measure in USD billion . It contributes 14 for each penny to general record of modern creation IIP and 5 per penny to GDP. GST will acquire immense changes the material business of India. In this examination paper and I have begun with the presentation, as a rule of GST and have attempted to feature the targets the proposed GST is attempting to accomplish. From that point, I have talked about the old backhanded duty administration framework and at that point an exertion has been had to look at the effect on material part under GST administration lastly, the paper makes out a determination. GST Good and Service Tax, Indirect Tax and Textile Sector 1634-1639 Issue-5 Volume-2 Urvashi Gupta