<b>British East India in Company</b> This research paper explores about British East India Company in India .Evolution of East India Company drove from the four factors the decline of Mughal Empire, Anglo French Imperial Rivalry, French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. East India Company transformed from private stock company to quasi governmental institution. Between early 1600s and the mid 19th century the British East India Company guide the establishment and enlargement of international trade to Asia and lead to economic and political domination of the entire Indian Sub Continent. East India Company 1600 1857 lease by Queen Elizabeth1 for trade with Asia. The main objective of the group of merchant was to break the Dutch monopoly of the spice trade with the East Indies, to acquire exclusive rights to trade and to takeover the financial resources of the country. East India Company had suit a peculiar hybrid ,and a coporate state. Company saw rise of fortunes. This research paper also focuses on the Battle of Plassey when one of the military officials ,Robert Clive, defeated the force of the Nawab of Bengal ,Siraj ud Daulah. And focuses on many governers which help in the expansion of British rule in India.This research paper mainly examines that How the Establishment and Expansion of East India Company in India has been done AND How the events which has been taken place for the British establishment and the End of the East India Company and 1857 revolt British East India Company, Dutch Monopoly, Joint stock Company, Spice trade, Battle of Plassey, Robert Clive, State owned enterprise, Opium trade , Merchantile Organisation , East Indies , Revolt 1857. 1116-1120 Issue-5 Volume-2 Nandini Choudhary